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Inspired by Latinxs Who Design (latinxswhodesign.com) and Blacks Who Design (blackswho.design)Filipinos Who Design is an online community built to bring the design and creative Filipinos from all over the world together.

Industry professionals can use the FWD platform to network, connect with fellow kababayans, make friends or look for inspiration from fellow creatives!

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Fill out our online form today! Send us a high-res cool photo of yourself, share your online portfolio and social links, once reviewed we will add you to our directory. Nominate here.

Not Filipino? We welcome everyone to browse the talent on our site! Always an opportunity to network and be inspired.

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If you’ve been added to the directory and would like to opt out or make an edit to your profile, please send us a message on Twitter @filiswhodesign or Instagram @filipinoswhodesign.

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The Team


Thank you to the LatinxWhoDesign team for the inspiration to start this project and providing a template to help the design community from all backgrounds. You guys are awesome!