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Filipinos Who Design recommend checking out these sites that share a similar purpose.

  • Latinx Who Design: The original Twitter directory of accomplished of latinx (Latina and Latino’s) in the design industry. FWD was inspired by this site!
  • Blacks Who Design: A Twitter directory of accomplished black creatives in the design industry.
  • Women Who Design: A Twitter directory of accomplished women in the design industry. Latinxs was inspired by this site!
  • API Who Design: A directory that celebrates and highlights Asian & Pacific Islander creatives.
  • Uruguyans Who Design: A directory to showcase the work of talented Uruguayan designers to the world.
  • Brits Who Design: A directory to showcase the work, diversity and talent of brilliant British designers.
  • Italians Who Design: A repository where the most talented Italian designers are gathered.
  • Portuguese Who Design: A directory is a place to showcase Portuguese creative talent.
  • Women in Industrial Design Chicago: Community organization empowering women in the industrial design industry in Chicago.
  • Kiwis Who Design: A directory to showcase creatives who call Aotearoa New Zealand home or one of your homes around the world.
  • Greeks Who Design: An inventory of people who born/grew or feel like they are from Greece and are working in design industry.
  • Colombians Who Design: A community of designers and related branches that seeks to connect talents with companies outside the country in addition to creating networking among its members.
  • Who Makes Esports: A place to showcase the work of Esports Professionals to the world.
  • Native Talent in Tech: A collection of Indigenous technologists across various skills and experiences.

Design Industry Links

  • Designed By Us: Designed By Us™ is a civic media & public service design cooperative on a mission to create equal and equitable representation in science, technology, engineering, arts, math and design.[S.T.E.A.M.D.]
  • MOLD: MOLD is a celebration of the design thinking. We aim to deliver a fun and engaging experiences to teach you how to turn your ideas into reality.
  • OMPA: OMPA is the trade organization for media production professionals in Oregon.
  • Publishing Professionals Network: PPN is a nonprofit association providing educational resources and opportunities for all individuals involved in book and book-related publishing.
  • University of Texas at Austin SDCT: Where Innovation, Creativity, and Art Converge – Diversity & Inclusion
  • Editors of Colors: Editors of Color is a comprehensive resource to address the representational bias in publishing, communications, and the media.

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